Beyond the picture

PictureMatters was well into its third year before they crossed the border for an international venture. However, Anis Mohamed didn’t just close his eyes and pick out a random country for expansion.

Beginnings and Highlights

PictureMatters was initially registered in 2008 as a sole proprietorship by Anis Mohamed whilst he was about to end his National Service (NS) stint. It wasn’t until a year later in 2009, when Anis’s unit medical officer – who also became a good friend – offered to be his partner reincorporating PictureMatters, into a private limited company.

Over the course of nine years,PictureMatters has witnessed some extraordinary moments. In 2011, they were awarded a contract with ESPNAsia. That golden opportunity gave them the chance to produce a regional television commercial (TVC) that ran in seven countries around Asia. Consequently, PictureMatters secured several other contracts with ESPN, of which, one led them to winning the gold award for most interactive TVC at the prestigious ProMax BDA Asia ceremony. Just like that, they were sitting amongst the best in Asia.

Decisions & Recognition

PictureMatters was steadily gaining an excellent reputation in Singapore, and after three years, they had the intentions to expand. After careful consideration and numerous studies on market needs, they decided onMalaysia. Anis’ prior experience as a freelance writer and director forAstro Malaysia was another fact or that helped fuel this decision.

“Malaysia was familiar due to the climate and general setting it shares with Singapore. Little to no drastic action had to be taken to prepare ourselves for the big move,”added Anis.

Despite heavy background research, Anis found that once the company was up and running, reality didn’t quite tally with dreams.

“Every company has difficult clients, but a couple of our clients even absconded and in a larger country, it’s much trickier to hold them accountable,” said Anis. Nevertheless, PictureMatters persisted, receiving more recognition and awards.

Although they’re sailing smoothly now, PictureMatters’ future plans
do not include another overseas expansion, just yet. After nine years,PictureMatters has transformed into a full-fledge creative agency with big name clients in both Singapore and Malaysia.

“We have a lot of quality content lined up for the next two years, and we want to continue pushing ourselves to come up with nifty solutions, in tandem with the rapidly evolving creative and advertising markets that are increasingly driven by tech,” said Anis. With organisational constantly on his mind, his parting words to us were, “We’ll steadily grow presence in both markets before considering another expansion.” 

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