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Built in grandeur and sheer luxury, SpaJelita offers the opulence of aesthetic treatments inspired from ancient Arabian traditions. Their services allow you to experience a journey that is a cradle of traditional Arabian customs and modern practices of aromatherapy. Here, you can experience the exotic blend of time honoured and truly unmatched natural therapies coupled with excellent service to soothe and enrich the body, mind and spirit.


Catering to a ‘ladies only’ clientele, they provide services from top-to-toe with their very own Muslimah hair salon, a la mode therapies, hydrotherapy, steam and sauna, and massages to complete your Arabic hammam experience. Each treatment is customised and enhanced with intricate pampering details for clients to taste, touch and feel the difference.


A signature treatment at SpaJelita is ‘Cleopatra Royal Ritual’. This mimics the tale of Queen Cleopatra bathing in milk ti keep her skin beautifully soft and pure to the touch. This ultimate spa indulgence includes all the essentials of body therapies. It starts with a gentle body glow of your choice to awaken the skin, slipping into a heavenly and enriching bath and finally, an exceptional massage to end the ritual.


Established since 2007, SpaJelita is owned by Mdm Fadilah Majid, who bought over the business in May 2014. The spa’s meticulous work has awarded it accolades such as Top 100 Spas in Singapore in 2016 as listed on and social engagement, CaseTrust accreditation for Spa and Wellness for Good Business Practices.

SpaJelita strives to bring out the best in a woman – unveiling beauty both inside, and out. Mdm Fadilah continued to share with a smile, “we believe that when you feel good, you look good, and everything will be perfect”.

Image Credit: SpaJelita Facebook Page

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