Bringing read-to-eat Singapore cuisine to the world

Since 1990, Pondok Abang is a long-standing hawker stall serving authentic Malay food, including the famous Nasi Lemak Pandan which has won the hearts of locals all over Singapore. In 2012, the company ventured into manufacturing Halal frozen food products and is currently looking into new strategies to expand its products beyond Singapore. 

It was not an easy journey for Pondok Abang. The first challenge was when Mr Abdul Rahman’s RXK got burned during an accident. He then decided to quit his job and rented a small hawker stall in Jurong West to focus on food business.

However, with sheer dedication and after all the sacrifices that they’ve made all these years, Pondok Abang is now a leading food manufacturer that produces ready to eat/cook products which are innovative and world class in quality.

Mr Hasan is continuously looking for ways to innovate in order to grow his business. He saw the opportunity to revamp the business and reposition itself amidst the changing landscape. He wanted to expand the company’s reach to a wider audience and knew that the only way to do so was to explore marketing tools or even go digital. 

When Hasan met his Business Advisor, Qamarul, for the first time, he believed there was potential in the business and encouraged Hasan to create a website for the stall and leverage on e-commerce platforms to reach out to a wider target audience. Qamarul connected him to Shafiq from Make & Think, a creative agency that provides branding, web development and digital marketing services. In two weeks, Pondok Abang was able to launch their first website. Since then, the hawker stall has seen an improvement in its operations and sales.

Today, not only are their products being distributed island-wide to food service businesses and supermarkets, they are also trying to expand their product line and developed a new brand named Lazeez with the objective to expand its cuisine line and export the products worldwide.

One advice he would give to entrepreneurs out there is “There are no failures, only learning experiences which makes us greater.”

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