From a small kueh shop to a Grab-N-Go Food Retail Store

Some may say the traditional breakfast is too “old school”. However, Mr Nasruledy saw a strong potential in this business when the opportunity to take over a run-down stall that sold traditional breakfasts was presented to him upon graduation from his degree.

 Knowing that there weren’t many players in the market that was willing to bring our traditional malayfood and kuehs to a higher level, Mr Nasruledy decided to take up the challenge and transformed the small run-down stall into a Grab-N-Go Café that serves traditional and modern breakfast to Singaporeans.  He injected a new concept of design and user experience workflows into the café which has since gained a lot of attention and interest from customers. 

Today, not only has Hany’s TheBrunch Store managed to earn the trust of their customers, but also several MNCs to supply breakfasts to them on a regular basis, edging all other big brands in the CBD area.

“when you start to see the improvements in your employee’s life, your employees save up the salary you gave to go for a long holiday or even seeing your employee’s children getting married. To me, these are real proudest achievement for me. “

Persevere, Discipline and Focus. There would be many challenges that will come through your way and you will have to fight many fires to bring your company to the next level. Persevere, stay focus on your timeline and pull through. Success does not always equate to monetary success or something that is tangible, but success could come in many aspects of life that is intangible, felt, appreciated and remembered, and that is a success that is sweeter than anything else.

Image Credit: Berita Harian

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