Great sacrifices bring greater success

Yummy Takoyaki started off as a mere hobby of making Takoyaki and experimenting with new flavours. It began with small orders through word-of-mouth.

The Owner, Ms Suryanie, had to juggle between work, family and business until one day she contemplated to leave her full-time job of more than 10 years to continue with the business. It was not an easy decision to make at that point in time.

There were times when she almost gave up, when her ideas for the products were being replicated by others. Eventually, she realised that this circumstance is part and parcel of being in the F&B industry and persevered on.

Today, one of her sources of pride and joy is being able to open a physical shop for her business. Besides that, Yummy Takoyaki also caters for corporate events, weddings, schools and outdoor events such as CelebFest and Laloolalang.

When asked what tips she can give to aspiring entrepreneurs out there, she said, “It’s not easy being in business and you got to be strong, persevere with lots of ‘dua. As the saying goes, no pain no gain. Most importantly, always believe in yourself.”

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