Keeping the legacy alive

Haig Rd Putu Piring, a family business started by Ms Nooraisha Binte Mohamad Hashim ’s great grandmother in 1940, was passed down from generation to generation.

Ms Aisha’s initial dream was to become a pastry chef. She went to the United States to pursue her dreams until one day, she decided to sacrifice her dream and take over the business to continue her legacy.

Like any other business in Singapore, the cost of rental and manpower are the main challenges that the business faced. But despite those challenges, Haig Rd Putu Piring successfully expanded its business and now has 5 outlets. They have outlets in Geylang Serai Market, Ang Mo Kio and Onan Road. The company’s milestones include being nominated in Michellin Street Good Guide and invited to MOSCOW for Singapore Food Festival by Singapore Tourism Board.

Today, besides its classic bestselling gula-melaka filled putu piring, they have introduced new flavors like durian, chocolate and coconut.

 While they want to bring the business further, they are working on managing their operations before looking out for new opportunities.

Ms Aisha strongly believes that there is no shortcut to success. She said, “Success is 90% hardwork & only 10% Luck. Diligence and perseverance are the best team for success.”

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