Leverage on the advantage

Managing Director of The Leverage Group, Mr Imran Mohammad previously conducted business events and coaching programmes.

However, after speaking to thousands of entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs in more than 8 countries, they realised that most people who went through program and seminars did not execute what they have learnt. That prompted Mr Imran to change his business focus to providing ROI-focused marketing services with his team with the aim to create more success stories.

With his leadership and the dedication of his team, The Leverage Group witnessed many of their clients’ successes. One of them is Ban Leong Wah Hoe Seafood Restaurant that launched the World’s First Chilli Crab Challenge. The challenge was featured in national newspapers and got the attention of top food bloggers. In the span of nine months, the company saw a turnaround in their declining revenue with more that 3.7x ROI in total spend.

To Mr Imran and his team, every day is a learning day as the market and media are constantly evolving. He said, “Entrepreneurship and marketing are daily challenges and the market changes every day. For example, in the world of online marketing and media, platforms, algorithms and players continue evolving and that means nothing that we do is ‘set and forget’ – we must learn every day and we must be willing to test, iterate and evolve every day.”

The company’s current challenge would be taking their client-partners to the next level. Mr Imran said, “Now that they went from zero to 1, how do we scale their online lead generation or online sales? It is normally not linear and involves even more testing, doubling down on ad spend, new creative angles and copywriting, and multiple channels. It is highly intensive both strategically and resource-wise, in order to create the next home-grown multi-million online brand.”

Mr Imran stresses the importance of providing their clients with quality marketing services which are value for money and looks forward to work with more clients in the future.

“We are very proud to work with fellow entrepreneurs with businesses that change lives positively and help them reach more people,” he shares.

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