Passion made possible

Madam Norhuda’s passion for cooking was the reason behind Asyura Pte Ltd. From her small set-up, Norhuda began with only 8 local favourite pastes such as Rendang, Sambal Tumis and Lemak Cili Padi, and sold these pastes to close friends and relatives.

Eventually, the popularity of the products soared, through word-of -mouth. That was when she realised that her pastes needed to be branded as a company and a product.

 There were a lot of challenges that Madam Norhuda faced before she was able to reach where she is today. From having to select and train the right staff, to coming up with the right products to be ahead-of-the-trend, she focused on ensuring that she could prepare the best, high-quality pastes for her customers’ satisfaction.

However, as a mother and a wife, the biggest challenge that she has had to face was learning how to balance her time and effort between her growing business and her family. 

 In order to stay relevant as a 21st century company, she decided to move Asyura Paste business online. She has also embraced technology through the use of government grants to improve productivity. With her efforts,  Asyura Paste today has 20 different products that cater to the different segments and markets of Singapore’s multi- racial palette.

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong has also cited the company in a speech as an example of an efficient and well-run company that has succeeded tremendously in a pressurising and competitive environment.

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