Started from the bottom

Natalie La Bella was established since April 2012. Ms Noor’Ashikin and her husband, Mr Aidil Anuari decided to start a small business to kill her grief after going through a miscarriage. Through this business, she managed to gather her source of strength to move on.

When they first started, they were multiple struggles that they has to face, from being cheated by suppliers to having their Facebook account being hacked twice.

However, she believes that it is part and parcel of doing online business and continued to serve customers with exquisite apparels representing modesty in its simplicity

From having no followers, Natalie La Bella now has more than 50,000 followers and was nominated for the Top 10 Muslimah Fashion Brand. They also managed to open their first retail store at East Village and have even moved to Centropod as they needed a bigger space.

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