Against all odds

Being the pioneer of introducing modern kaftan in Singapore and the first modest designer to be selling in Zalora, having to stay competitive by maintaining the high standards of quality is part of Lulu Alhadad’s challenge.

She started out just by designing and making kaftans for family members as it was very difficult to get kaftans in Singapore, ten years ago. She decided to make her own ‘Jalabiya’ collection as the dresses from Middle East were not suitable for Asians due to several factors.

However, each time her collection was released, there were cheaper versions of it coming out in the markets in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. It was not as simple as it seems.

Since not many people could do hand embroidery and beadworks, she decided to open a workshop in Jakarta and has to travel weekly as it has the resources to produce her middle eastern inspired collection. Today, her designs offer choices to the modern muslimah, to be modest and fashionable at the same time.

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