Singapore’s First Halal Takeaway App

Whatshalal is a technology company solving halal traceability on a global platform. Started in 2015, the company’s objective is to be the definitive guide and provider of unquestionably Halal Thoyiban food to the Muslim community. Some of the services that they provide include halal consultancy, halal industry training and more. They are known to be the first halal takeaway App in Singapore.

The idea to start Whatshalal came about when MR Azman Ivan Tan and Mr Mohammad Salehin realised that the younger generation could not identify halal food without the halal logo on a product. It was even alarming as they both found out that there were cases where companies were using the halal logo illegally.

One of the missions of WhatsHalal is to create a Halal ecosystem that benefits both the merchants and consumers, locally and internationally. They seek to reduce or even eliminate doubt of the “Halal-ness” of the food we consume.

They hope that with the presence of Whatshalal, it would ensure that halal consumers have a reference point regarding halal information at their fingertips.

Today, Whatshalal has become the largest Halal specialised on-demand food delivery service in Singapore.

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