A lasting impact

Heiraz Bakery is not just a bakery but also a baking academy. Its owner, Mdm Roszilah went through a myriad of challenges to build Heiraz to where it is today.

Heiraz Bakery started with a single product, the Signature Heiraz Pineapple Tarts. With the tarts alone, Heiraz gained many customers and pushed them to introduce a variety of products. This also fuelled Mdm Roszilah to seek knowledge in baking in various countries and found herself working with multiple chefs and bakers along the years.

However, building the business was definitely not a walk in the park for Mdm Roszilah.

When she first started out her business, with her lack of knowledge and experience, Mdm Roszilah faced multiple manpower issues. This pushed her to learn the recipes from her mother and that made her realise the importance of mastering the recipes by herself in order to be less dependent on her staffs. She believes that this is an important factor in sustaining her business.

Today, Heiraz has since grown from a home based business to being the first Halal bakery , offering quality Asian-European cakes and pastries.

Her strong desire in sharing knowledge has pushed her to start a baking academy where she shares her expertise with aspiring bakers.

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