A platform to reach out to mothers worldwide

ChicMamae provides a platform for mothers worldwide, to share their inspiring motherhood journey stories to empower other mothers. Their aim is provide items and services for mothers-to-be, mothers and children alike. Aside from conducting weekly classes and events for mothers, children and families, Chicmamae also runs an e-commerce business selling items for mothers-to be, mothers, babies such as babies, prenatal, postnatal apparels and gift sets.

1.   What inspired you to open this business?

As a previous neonatal nurse, I’ve witnessed how motherhood, parenthood have impacted couples right from the time of birth.

Over at ChicMamae, we believe that family is the foundation of society. It is with this belief that we aim to organise programmes that strengthen the relationship and bonding within family members, spouses and parent-child, building a health family system. We also have products empowering mothers to go back to fitness such as our nursing friendly activewears, and traveling essentials for kids such as busybooks.

2. As an entrepreneur, what motivates you?

The satisfaction when we see the smiles on the parents and child faces. When we hear how the parents have benefitted from the courses and workshops for them.

3. What are the challenges you face while building your business?

Being a mother of two (1 year old and 2 year old kid), being discipline to be consistent with work is tough.

4. What’s your most valuable lesson?

Always plan ahead first, do the proper financing plan and assess whether that certain project will result in a potential loss or gain.

5. What future plans do you have for the business?
Add on more kids related products as well as nursing related items, adding on to our existing collection.

6. What are you most proud of today?

The partnership ties formed with different companies and organizers such as Rosevalley and Kassimbaba.

7. How do you think your business will gain from being a member of SMCCI?

I hope to be able to explore collaborations with the different companies under SMCCI.

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