Carving out a livelihood

Hararu Izakaya is the first Muslim-owned Izakaya in Southeast Asia with a vision to provide unique dining experience through a family-oriented atmosphere and an authentic feel of Japan. Izakayas are generally known for 2 staples – pork and alcohol which makes them usually an exclusively non-Muslim place of dining.

However, the owners of Hararu Izakaya, Mr Hidayat and Ms Wahida Wahid, who have been in the F&B industry for 21 years and 14 years respectively, came up with idea to start the first halal Izakaya.

Their intention was to create a good place where Muslims could gather over food with other races/religions and change the misconceptions people have on Japanese food being completely raw and strange. However, they had some difficulty trying to introduce what an Izakaya is about and how to “Izakaya” when they first started.

Specialising in Japanese grilled cuisine, both Mr Hidayat and Ms Wahida hopes to make authentic Japanese food available to all. 

Despite being a young business, the restaurant has been doing well with many notable awards such as the Singapore Emerging Brand 2018/19 and even gained recognition from top food bloggers.

Today, Izakaya has been extremely well-received by diners-evident in its long queues and over-reservations. The couple is looking into expanding their business and to open up more halal Izakayas around Asia.

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