Making coupons cool again

Hangover Coupons is a coupon marketing company that started off as a door-to-door hanging coupons to replace the typical flyer ads. Hangover Coupons did a pivot and developed their own mobile coupon marketing software that aims to solve all the pain points. Their mission is to educate business owners with the right knowledge and tools that will produce amazing results.

Its owner, Ridzwan Zin was inspired to start the business with his 10 years of experience in marketing. He had also successfully collaborated with several companies from United States (US). According to Ridzwan, the coupon culture was booming in the US and he wanted to try it out in Singapore by helping local businesses market in an unconventional way.

The business however, did not start the way he envisioned it. Their clients were not able to generate positive results that they desired. This pushed Ridzwan and his team to conduct an extensive research for three months and discovered that most businesses face a common struggle which is not knowing how to market their business.

The company then implemented the “Trident Effect” process, known to be a 3-point marketing system which maximises response that will evoke interest and potentially increase sales while capturing and retaining more customers. Among other things, Hangover Coupons hopes to be remembered as the ONLY coupon marketing company able to create a significant impact.

Photo Credits: Straits Times

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