Continuing a legacy

Ministry of Rojak, founded by Mr. Abdhus Salam, is an extension of his late father, Mr Akber Ali’s famous Abdhus Salam Rojak. When his father suffered a heart attack,  Mr Abdhus Salam’s desire to make his father proud and not wanting all his father’s hardwork to build the business go to waste, pushed him to take over the reins to run the business.

Mr Salam believes that running a business comes with many sacrifices and he is grateful for the support given by his wife. Another source of his motivation is when he sees his customers are happy with the quality of food served and thank him for continuing a trade that not he deems not many are willing to continue.

Success to him, does not happen overnight. He strongly believes that mistake are valuable lessons and the determination to not give up and strive on are lessons that cannot be taught and one has to go through to appreciate the ways of business.

Today, Ministry of Rojak is not only known by the locals but also those overseas. When they see “Abdhus Salam Rojak” during Singapore day events held in countries like Melbourne, Shanghai, San Francisco and London, Mr Salam finds it pleasing to know know they are also aware that he owns another restaurant outlet named Ministry of Rojak. To him, this is one of his proudest moment, when his efforts are being recognised and having people congratulating him with all their heart.

Despite the long hours put in, Mr Salam finds the fulfilment exhilarating and the message he would like to stress on to aspiring entrepreneurs out there is to work really hard and to stay positive no matter what happens as you will eventually taste the sweetness of success and that is what you have to look forward to.

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