Digitising SMEs

Did you know that consumers in Southeast Asia spend the most time online in the world (3.6h/day)? Google and Temasek projected the e-commerce market to grow to US250B by 2025.

Are you reaping rewards or leaving money on the table? Digitisation means that YOU can set up shop online, reach and convert paying customers, and streamline manual tasks with ready automation solutions built for growing businesses.

Such solutions exist today, like online funnels, CRMs, email autoresponders and chatbots. You just need the right advisor or team to implement them. SMEs that implement digital strategies and automation can see anywhere from 2 to 10 times ROI while requiring less manpower.

If you’re not doing it, rest assured that your competition is. Comfortable today is dead tomorrow, when it comes to business.

Invest today, so tomorrow you can do more with less, and grow your business and reach.

Imran Mohamad
Managing Director
The Leverage Group

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