Bringing authentic taste of Lombok to locals

Sitting in the heart of Bugis is the newly opened Taliwang Restaurant. With a mission to bring the authentic taste of Lombok cuisine to locals, its owner, Mr Hamzah Bin Mohd Salim shared that he saw a business opportunity when he realised food prices are becoming increasingly expensive.

He said, “The need for good food at a restaurant or cafe with reasonable prices has become hard to find thus I intend to fill that gap.”

He recalled the difficulties he faced while starting the business. He said, “That is the stage where all the planning and vision was brought to life. We faced many problems including electrical fittings of the shop and equipment issues.”

Source: Taliwang Restaurant FB page

However these challenges served as a lesson for him as an entrepreneur. He said,” It taught me the importance of planning the budget and operation cost which  your budget and operation cost adding in extra for unforeseen circumstances.”

When asked what was his proudest moment as an entrepreneur, he said, “I am proudest when a customer comes to the restaurant and leave feeling fully satisfied with his meal.”

Source: Taliwang Restaurant FB page

Mr Hamzah looks forward to growing his business.

“I hope to open more outlets bringing popular halal dishes from Southeast Asia region which are yet to be introduced in Singapore.”

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