The owner of “I am…” Cafe served up delicious results with a digital F&B solution.

Article and photos taken from: IMDA

Ignite Incorporation is a home-grown F&B SME success story with 63 employees, featuring three different brands that have outlets located across Singapore.

You might have heard of them: “I am…” Café, NY, and All In.

The star of this story is “I am…” Café, which has 3 outlets located at Haji Lane, HomeTeamNS at Our Tampines Hub and HomeTeamNS at Bukit Batok.

The cafe serves halal Dutch-inspired food such as Fries and Mayo – touted to be a favourite in Amsterdam – and Bitterballen, a meatball snack. On the drinks front, customers are spoilt for choice too, with a range of speciality coffees and refreshing mixers.

It is no secret that the deployment of the right technology solutions is part of “I am…” Café’s recipe for success.

According to Mr Jamuri Busori, owner of “I am…” Café, an initial issue in the early days was that there was no digital integration between the three outlets, leading to difficulties in consolidating the data between the outlets.

It was tough to get real-time updates on outlet sales and operational performance. In fact, there was no way to get live reports, and Mr Jamuri could only access the data at the end of the day.

He turned to the SME Digital Tech Hub for help, and was referred to Getz. He said: “I always look out for technology that can help me to manage my restaurants better.”

The adoption of the Getzpass F&B Omni Commerce, a solution that works with existing point-of-sales (POS) machines, was a godsend.

“Having an accounting system that is linked to my POS has made it easier for me to monitor the sales at all my outlets.”

One immediate benefit: “It has reduced the time taken for my daily accounting.”

Benefits of going Digital

Using just a single dashboard, the solution easily manages real time ordering via online and in-store, and critical payment flows such as out-of-stock situation, partial refund, or recapture payment for changes in order. With accurate and seamless operations, accounting has never been easier for Mr Jamuri and team.

The Getzpass F&B Omni Commerce also allowed for fuss-free placement of orders or the acceptance and amendment of orders, as well as both online and offline payments across all the outlets. Customers now enjoy better service and shorter waiting times. The solution has also helped to improve the work-process, allowing the staff to better manage the flow of additional orders in the form of take-aways and deliveries.

With the adoption of the digital solution, what used to be troublesome issues – such as order errors and manual processing – have been drastically reduced. The seamless front-end and back-end operation has one big payoff from the viewpoint of an F&B establishment – as Mr Jamuri says proudly: “Now, my staff and the kitchen are more coordinated.”

From a business perspective, there is now greater visibility of the day-to-day cash flow. The café has reduced losses due to cash mishandling, and a more reliable set of sales and financial data has allowed for better projections and more accurate forecasts of the profit and loss (P&L) statements.

Mr Jamuri estimates that there has been a 60% reduction in staff errors, such as in getting orders wrong. The flagship Haji Lane café can operate smoothly with just 6 staff, even with two floors to take care of.

All in, the integrated digital solutions have increased productivity, resulted in 30% cost savings, and led to happier staff – and most importantly, more delighted customers too.

“Now I wish I had known about these digital solutions earlier!”

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