Get to know Nur Suliani

What inspired you to start the business?

When I first became a parent, I felt there was a need to educate and spread environmental awareness to the people around us, especially to the children. We felt that it was a good avenue to start education programmes focused on environmental awareness so that children are more in tune to their surroundings and to nature.

What are some of the challenges you faced as an entrepreneur?

When we first started the business, there was not much awareness to it. People did not understand why there was a need to include this part of education in children’s lives. It took a lot for us to build up the brand.

What is the proudest moment for you as an entrepreneur?

The proudest moment would be when Kowabunga clinched the champion award not for one but two categories in the Brands for Good competition.

How do you view competition?

Competition is good because it forces us to be on the edge, to stay relevant, it makes you more efficient. It makes you access “where are you right now with your customers” so I would say, do not focus so much on competition, focus on your current pool of customers, how can you serve them better.

What are the 3 traits that an entrepreneur should have? 

You would need to be innovative so that you offer things that have yet to be offered out there and things which are different. You need to be resilient because there’ll be 101 people who will tell you that you can’t do it, 101 problems out there that you will face every single day, new things, even if you have been doing the same thing lots of times. Number three, to have lot of faith and belief in yourself, the people that you have and your products.

What is your advice for aspiring entrepreneurs?

Forget about the fame and glory that comes with starting a business, being a business owner. It is about really working hard, knowing your worth in what you are providing to your customers and understanding that your intentions in creating the business in the first place is very important that will set you going from the challenges. There will be lots of setbacks but they are the ones which will teach you to be stronger, to be more resilient and that’s what you need as business owners when you lead teams, you need to have a vision where you want to bring your company towards.

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