Serving with a heart

I.R.B Law LLP was founded with a vision to build a law firm that delivers effective and efficient legal services to everyone, from the man on the street to large corporations. Mr Mohamed Baiross shared, “I want to ensure everyone has access to affordable legal services.”

Their areas of practice range from family, probate, criminal, and personal debt recovery, to international arbitrations, construction and infrastructure, start-ups, mergers and acquisitions, commercial agreements, asset tracing, and enforcement actions.

IRB Law is quick to be now known as the firm “with a heart”, offering schemes to help individuals in need who fall within the cracks – cannot afford legal services yet are not eligible for legal aid. Mr Baiross shared, “A lot of people are in need of legal services but may have financial difficulties so we have schemes on a case to case basis. For first time consultations on Family and Syariah law matters, we offer free first time consultations too.”

The nature of his business allows Mr Baiross to meet people from all walks of life. When asked to name a memorable incident while running the law firm, he shared, “There was a client who could not afford his fees but walked in several years later with a cheque to clear his dues without any demand by the firm. He was so thankful for the help and for handling his matter well that he promised to clear his costs and true to his word, he did.”

Mr Baiross also added, “A case that also impacted me was when a custody application allowed a father to see his child after many years after we fought hard for him. When clients are satisfied and happy, I am motivated to do more.”

Knowing that his company is able to cater to various categories of clients, Mr Baiross is set to grow his business. He is confident that three years from now, the number of clients from these vast categories will definitely grow and with that, the number of Associates with the firm will also grow – the ones with the firm will most likely stay and new ones will come because the firm’s branding will grow not just locally, but internationally as well.

For budding entrepreneurs out there, Mr Baiross believes one needs the courage to take on risks. He imparts that, “You must be brave and be a risk taker. Giving up is NOT an option.”

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