No tent, no problem.

Thinking of bringing your kids out for camping this weekend but put off by the idea of sourcing for the appropriate equipment and setting it all up?

Tonnmalam comes to the rescue!

Known to be a youth lingo, “Tonn malam” is referred as staying out overnight. Its owner, Mr Noor Azmi Omar said he named it that as it can be easily remembered and hope people can relate to the business when they think of camping.

Tonnmalam provides various camping essentials that include tents, gazebos, camping stools and more. The tents come in different packages ranging from $60-$300 per night.

When asked what inspired him to open the business, Mr Azmi said, “I see an opportunity in this business where people can save the hassle.”

However, being in this business brings him a set of challenges, especially the unpredictable weather conditions. Mr Azmi recalled, “There was once my staff and I were setting up the tent when it started to rain heavily till my tent pole broke due to the strong wind.”

In this modern digital world, Mr Azmi hopes to provide a platform where youths are able to gain knowledge in the outdoor field. He said, “With so much gadgets in this era, I believe that there will be lack of knowledge and experience on the outdoor field and camping activities.”

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