Neu Entity turns 5!

Neu Entity, a design-driven branding agency has recently turned 5 years old!

BizVoice interviewed its CEO, Mr Hanafi who shared his journey in leading the agency.

“I’m not the founder of Neu Entity but have been with the agency for the past three years. When I joined Neu Entity, I made it my own, making the necessary changes that I felt would benefit other business owners especially in our community. Our goal is to help businesses strive.”

Neu Entity has a team of 9 members made up of brand strategist, creative consultant, designer, writer, developer, and marketer. The agency offers its clients creative ways to build, plan, and promote their brand. Some of their impressive list of clients include Singapore Airlines, Citibank and Chamber of Digital Commerce.

However Mr Hanafi shared that it’s not always rainbows and butterflies. Building a business is hard work and comes with a host of challenges. Experienced entrepreneurs have to deal with challenges no matter how long they’ve been in business.

He said, “There’s plenty of challenges every day, even more so after taking the role of a CEO. Challenges can vary from finances to managing the team to sales.”

When asked to name one unforgettable incident, he said, “It was when one of our team mates left the team when we needed him the most. However, there was also a silver lining in there. It was because of what happened that allows us to grow the team.”

Mr Hanafi understands the importance of intentions in business and in life. He said, “Our intention must be right. We should always do things with the right intentions.”

His advice for budding entrepreneurs out there?

“Launch and learn. Everything is progress.”

“I say this often and it’s somehow become my mantra,” he added.

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