LEADING WITH HEART IN A VUCA WORLD is a high value resource material and an inspiration for the current and future generations of business leaders

Never cease from seeking new information and definitely never shy away from difficult tasks. 

A never-been-told compilation of 14 iconic business and community leaders from the Singapore Malay/Muslim community, Leading With Heart in a VUCA World is a book detailing the ups and downs of the industry leaders, featuring members of SMCCI and their individual career journeys. The book also seeks to become the de facto manual for young professionals and future entrepreneurs in the current Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) global economy. 

The brainchild of Mr Azhar Othman, CEO of G-Environment Energy Solutions (GENES), the book took three years to compile and showcases CEOs with up to 40 years of industrial experience from specialized industries such as Cybersecurity, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Data Analytics, Investment, Sustainable Energy and Hospitability.  

According to Mr Azhar, the book is part of a larger plan to provide a support system for graduates to make headway into their careers and for mid-career workers to progress into becoming CEOs. The book also seeks to inspire the upcoming wave of younger career professionals and ascertain that anyone has the potential to become a CEO or successful business owners through effort, a strong willpower to succeed and proper grooming. 

“Nobody wanted the position, but I took up the call to mend the business while simultaneously injecting new talent and subsequently moved on to another challenge. I was also given the title ‘Mr Clean-up’ in the book for the effort made.” 

Mr Sri Indra

Featured industry leader, Mr Tengku Sri Indra, Managing Director of SDG International Pte Ltd, details his 20 years of experience working in a Multinational Corporation (MNC). Mr Sri Indra was assigned as the Managing Director of an American chemical production firm based in Indonesia at a time when economic sentiments were at a low and sales traffic was mediocre.  

Also featured in the book is the story of Mr Bahren Shaari, CEO of the Bank of Singapore. Mr Bahren emphasized on obtaining knowledge and constantly acquiring new skills to remain relevant with the relentlessly evolving market. He also added that one does not have to be a professional but needs to be aware of the current trends and that those who do not will be left behind. 

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