The 2020 edition of PROTÉGÉ KITA is in full swing! 

The 18-month programme intended to foster a new generation of entrepreneurs took off on 1 February 2020 with 35 teams all set to learn about what goes into setting up a fully-functional business from scratch.  

Implemented in 2015, Protégé Kita is SMCCI’s flagship incubation programme for aspiring entrepreneurs. The programme focusses on equipping participants with detailed knowledge and skills to develop a business and ultimately put them towards the path of expansion

Participants will also be aided through the initial steps of starting a business; conceptualisation, planning and finally producing a full proof business plan. 

Teams are coming in with fresh business ideas, implementing digitalisation into their concepts by integrating app-based solutions to cater to today’s evolving consumer trends. Mature industries are getting a breath of fresh air with these new ideas. F&B, Education, Services and Media are some of the industries chosen by participating teams and SMCCI is excited to see them through their journeys towards the final goal. 

The BizVoice team had a little chat with one of PROTÉGÉ KITA 2020’s participants. Ms. Siti Norafidah from team QueensBake

BizVoice: Hi Ms. Siti, welcome onboard the Protégé Kita Programme! 
How did you find out about the programme and what industry do you plan to go into?

Ms. Siti: I found out about the programme through SMCCI’s Facebook page. I participated in the organisation’s Food and Fashion Festival event in 2008 and have been in contact with their representative. When I enquired about the programme, she immediately recommended that I tried for it. 

I am also very keen to go into the Food Business and Events Management industry. 

BizVoice: Why pick this particular industry? 

Ms. Siti: I believe that Food Business & Events Management has a high demand in this current market environment and a lot of opportunities for our product and services.  

BizVoice: How do you think participating in the programme will help you in establishing your business? 

Ms. Siti: Under the Protégé Kita 2020 programme, the facilitators have helped me by giving me the proper guidance and constructed a platform for me to add on to my existing business knowledge while developing new skills for planning and conducting a business. 

It is also beneficial to be mentored as the experience is valuable and also effective in developing opportunities for me as the instructors and participants share their knowledge, expertise and experiences. 

BizVoiceWhat are the motivations that you have to ensure you do well in this programme? 

Ms. Siti: In the process of building connections with our fellow Protégés, motivation comes as we are sharing our experiences with other equally motivated individuals. We also get to learn off each other’s experiences and get exposed to fresh new ideas and perspectives on a weekly basis. 

Motivation also comes when you build your business around an idea which encompasses more than just the concept of making money. Build a business which makes an impact on the lives of the people which it serves together with its community. 

BizVoiceLastly, any words of advice for your fellow future-entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own business? 

Ms. Siti: The world is full of great ideas and sky’s the limit. Even so, success only comes through action. The easiest way to get started is to stop talking and start doing. That’s true for your success as well.
All the Best! 

The BizVoice team is exalted to be a part of the Protégé Kita programme and we are encouraged to see many aspiring entrepreneurs taking part and acquiring business know-hows to get them started on setting up their own business.   

Here’s to a new breed of business owners. Let’s put our best foot forward and excel. 


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