Fitri Creations: Harnessing Strength from the Protege Kita Community

With the intention of helping mothers and aspiring bakers, Fitri Creations was formed in 2017 by Chef Siti Lim. It is known for its cosy training courses, delicious treats, and convenience it provides to customers. Fitri Creations is also the only 100% Halal Training Centre in the Northern region of Singapore and is an approved training provider under SkillsFuture.

Fitri Creations is one of the teams who have managed to advance to Phase 2 of Protege Kita. Phase 2 is also known as the ‘Mentorship’ Phase. Participants who have successfully made it through the Bootcamp phase will then proceed to the Mentorship phase where they will receive in-person coaching and guidance from industry experts who will act as their mentors for 9 months

As the mentee of Chef Benny, founder of Eighteen Chefs, Chef Siti Lim shared that her Protégé Kita experience has been an amazing journey. The business knowledge that her team has gained can be applied to her business instantly.

“All the coaches are great! They make it easy for us to understand and the lessons are jam-packed with interesting topics. The classes are always filled with fun & laughter”.

She also added that her team has always gotten the support that they needed from the coaches, mentor, and SMCCI Secretariats.

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