Alfya Atelier is a social enterprise comprising of a sewing academy, handmade crafts and tailoring & alteration service. The business started with the passion for sewing that has been passed down from generation to generation.

Not only does it aim to provide classes for people of all ages, gender and walks of life but the company also hopes that their classes will be able to equip others with the skills required to improve their livelihood.

As a proud member of SMCCI, Alfya Atelier has actively shared their digitalisation journey with the SMCCI, welcoming our Digital Transformation Office for a showcase at their premises. They have also been selected to advance to the Phase 2 of Protege Kita. Alfya Atelier mentioned that their Protege Kita’s experience has been amazing, and it has guided them to change the way they plan their business strategies effectively.

Based on the advice given by their mentor Mr Daniel Lim, the co-founder of Reebonz, Alfya Atelier strives to find ways to streamline processes to make it easy for customers to understand and place orders.

Besides the knowledge gained from Protege Kita, Alfya Atelier also felt that the network they have gained throughout the programme has also been beneficial for them.“The network created with other PK participants is so valuable as we share ideas and business contacts even after the classes are over”.

Upon joining the programme, they are now open to more collaborations with other Protege Kita participants.

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