HAFIZAH GHAZALI is a conscious womenswear label that seeks to provide contemporary and modest pieces for urban women. Their mission is to create thoughtful designs for the conscious community, and they aim to be Southeast Asia’s leading conscious modest wear label. To achieve her goal, Ms Hafizah ensures quality workmanship and all her product are ethically sourced.

Ms Hafizah, the founder of HAFIZAH GHAZALI, is one of the Protege Kita’s participants who joined us as a speaker for the Protege Kita Roundtable webinar on Wednesday (19 August 2020). She shared about her company and her Protege Kita journey thus far, during the session.

She felt that the solutions and strategies that were shared during the programme are practical and can be easily followed through. There was a clear framework on business models, marketing plans and strategies and building customer relationship, which she thought were very important. She also shared that the engaging and approachable trainers managed to breakdown all the information into bite-sized pieces, making it easier for the participants to understand.

As the mentor of HAFIZAH GHAZALI, Mr Daniel Lim, the co-founder of Reebonz, has advised her to break her KPIs into monthly/weekly goals to make it more achievable. Especially during this pandemic, it is crucial for business owners to stay focus on what the business needs despite the setbacks faced.

She also added, “Our mentors gave us valuable insights and helped us to identify our growth and setbacks while we work towards achieving our targets”.

Her experience in Protege Kita has helped her create a clearer picture of her business direction and allowed her to discover new things that her business has been lacking in.

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