Akan Datang: DLUX Entertainment’s Vision for the Singaporean Silver Screen

DLUX Entertainment is proud to be the local leading entertainment distributor and movie marketing company, bringing in and actively promoting Malay language movies into Singapore, mainly from Indonesia and Malaysia.

Their objective is to rejuvenate Singapore’s movie industry through Malay Language films. Some of the titles they have brought in from Malaysia include Redha, Rock Bro, Adiwiraku, JRevolusi, Munafik 2, Paskal & Wira; and horror titles from Indonesia such as Kuntilanak 2 and Si Manis Jembatan Ancol.

DLUX Entertainment is one of our Protege Kita’s participants who has successfully advanced to the second phase of the programme. Their purpose in joining this programme is to gain more business knowledge. They also hope that it can bring their passion and dreams to the next level.

Through their Protege Kita experience, they have broadened their business network with like-minded business owners from different industries as they support one another within the business community. They have shared that they have learnt a lot from the modules taught by the trainers from Battery Lab.

“We are also lucky to have Mr Azhar Othman, as our mentor for this phase. Although we are from different industries, Mr Azhar shares with us that it is important to create value and have a uniqueness in our business”. He also gave them an insightful sharing based on his experiences. One of the things he shared with them is that businesses require technology in one way or another, to enhance business performance.

DLUX Entertainment is currently progressing on to building an online platform where they will excite Malay language movie lovers with contents from the Nusantara region.

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