Despite starting as a home-based business back in 2013 without much knowledge, QueensBake has successfully made their way advancing to the second phase of Protégé Kita.

QueensBake is known to specialise in bake-to-order premium tarts and cookies that cater to passionate, sweet tooths who wish to indulge in delicious, sweet pastries that please both the palate and the eyes. Their mission is to provide baked goods of exceptional quality for their clients and build a strong market position in Singapore and globally.

Handmade from scratch, with their own trade secret family recipe passed down from generation to generation, and their meticulous process of selecting the finest ingredients, Queensbake aspires to always leave their customers wanting for more.

Ms Siti Norafidah, the owner of QueensBake, has shared that the Protégé Kita 2020 programme has been very useful and beneficial to the development of her business. The business coaches from Battery Lab have helped her in providing proper guidance and also constructed a platform for her to add on to her existing business knowledge while developing new skills for planning and conducting a business.

“The PK programme has helped us identify our value proposition, customer segment, reconnect with the industry needs and choose the right product-market fit. With that, we can attend to our customer needs and build customer relationship, especially in times of COVID-19.”

She also added that her mentor, Mdm Fadilah Majid, Vice-President of SMCCI and Chairperson of DEWI@SMCCI, has given her valuable guidance, words of encouragement and outstanding leadership qualities. Mdm Fadilah is always open to share about her business foundation, digital marketing strategies and DEWI@SMCCI event experiences. Her sharing has inspired her to create value for her customers and enabled her brand to grow and evolve in tandem with the industry needs and current economic state.

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