Business for Good – The Introspective Solutions Story

In their journey as a social enterprise, IntroSpective Solutions! LLP has been learning the hard way since 2017. Being able to understand that every need is special and unique in every way and believing that everyone can achieve much more in life regardless of abilities, were the factors that ignited the passion in supporting and providing services dedicated to special needs. IntroSpective Solutions! LLP is known to provide training, support and social outreach programmes for individuals with special needs under their subsidiary brand; Hi! Social services.

After countless trial and error figuring what works and what’s not over the years, Mr Iskandar Shah, Executive Director of IntroSpective Solutions! LLP, decided to take the opportunity to be part of SMCCI’s Protégé Kita Programme. He felt that it would be a good platform for him to learn some basics in entrepreneurship and gaining some knowledge as he believes that growth and development is a progressive approach.

Throughout his Protege Kita journey, he has learnt more about how to best use existing business tools to increase efficiency and create impact for his customers. He agreed that some of the key concepts of entrepreneurship, such as Business Canvas and customer segments were important takeaways that needed to be implemented and considered in his planning. Upon gaining more knowledge through the lessons, he initiated a revision in his business operations and applied the knowledge he gained by improving the company’s customer service.

He also added that the network that he had gained through Protege Kita has also allowed him to be together with other entrepreneurs to learn and grow as a community, allowing everyone to leverage on one another.

“Our mentor, Mr Farhan Firdaus, played an influential role in giving his insights on what areas my organisation needs to look into. Among the key issues are marketing, branding and PR. Despite being in the social service sector since 2017, it’s beneficial for us to have a professional mentor who is experienced in another sector to offer a fresh perspective”.

With the ongoing COVID-19 situation, it is crucial to be equipped with the resilience and armed with tools to tide through this challenging period. Hi! Social Services is now better prepared to stand tall through this storm together with other service providers under the SMCCI banner.

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