The Kreatif Box is a thematic newborn photography company that captures beautiful memories of a newborn in their early days that will portray their cultural and traditional beliefs. It was founded in 2018, after they were engaged to do a newborn photo-shoot for a family friend.

Starting off with just 2-4 props for that session, Ms Hani and her sister-in-law realised that it would be a good opportunity for them to start it as a business as no one has ever done an Islamic thematic newborn photography business in Singapore before. They strongly believed that they were able to create and capture beautiful lifetime memories. However, they felt that something was holding them back as they did not have much knowledge in making sales.

Despite the lack of knowledge, this did not stop the Kreatif Box from growing the company further. They took the opportunity to join the Protege Kita program as they believed that it would be a great platform for them to deepen their knowledge in the basic skills of entrepreneurship. Throughout their weekly journey with Protege Kita, they have learnt more about using business tools to increase their risk awareness and acquire more information about their competitors. They believed that identifying key resources were also critical to making a business model work.

Upon receiving advice and knowledge from the Protege Kita bootcamp, they revised and revisited their business plan. “Our facilitators, Mr Iskandar and Mr Sakthi had helped The Kreatif Box by giving the proper guidance and created a platform on how to improve our existing business plan and also improvised and developed new ideas. They gave us confidence and assurance too. With new and improvise KPI/goals, it enabled us to ensure that we are on the right track and to analyse our performances and progression to achieve the desired results”.

The Kreatif Box also added that their mentor, Mr Khairuzamani, the Founder of Pristine Print, played an important role to The Kreatif Box. He has moulded them into better entrepreneurs and guided them to restructure their business model. He also often provides ideas on how to make their products and services better. “We are grateful to have a patient and understanding mentor like Mr Khairuzamani who is experienced and used to be in the same industry. He always advises us to keep growing and never stop the business because he believes that we can go far and be one of the top newborn photography businesses in Singapore”.

Besides the knowledge and advice that they gained through the programme, the network that they have built has allowed them to work together with other entrepreneurs and also learn, grow and support each other. Despite the COVID-19 crisis, the company has been doing well and are recognised by a few big companies such as the Aziz Clinic For Women Pte Ltd. They are now better prepared to provide services together with other service providers through this challenging period.

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