Pips and Ally is known to create innovative and creative content to make Quranic learning simple and effective for children. They aim to make learning Quranic literacy fun and vibrant through the use of fully-coloured literacy resources and animated characters. They also encourage parental participation in the child’s learning journey as they would like to make learning serious but happy for children. Their mission is to tease and tickle the child’s curiosity and intellect by engaging the different components of literacy through reading, listening, speaking and writing.

Pips and Ally is one of the participants who has been selected to advance to the second phase of Protege Kita. Being able to go through to the second round has been a very beneficial and valuable experience for them, especially having a mentor to guide them and keep them focused on their KPIs. The mentors also often provide them with sound advice whenever they have needed it.

The Bootcamp was an intensive experience as the sessions required them to think, analyse, realign and refine their whys and processes. There was a lot to learn and unpacked. However, the trainers did an awesome job in bringing clarity to them and assist them in their entrepreneurial journey. The various sharing from the other participants have also allowed them to see things from different perspectives.

“The biggest takeaway from Protege Kita is to constantly go back to our Whys and to never be afraid of asking as there is an ecosystem of people who are willing to guide us along in our journey”.

They also shared that Protege Kita has been one of the highlights of their entrepreneurial journey so far. PK has made them become more focused on their next business direction. It has also opened up more possibilities and opportunities for them, through the network they’ve built from the programme.

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