Blosms: Building a positive community for fitness and wellness enthusiasts

Blosms is a gamification-based wellness platform for all the fitness and wellness enthusiasts. It is a platform which connects people with wellness service providers such as coaches, influencers and wellness businesses. They aim to build a positive community of people who will motivate each other in reaching their ultimate goal. They are currently in their beta testing phase and will be in the market very soon.

Blosms has taken the opportunity to take part in the Protege Kita Programme and has successfully advanced to Phase 2 of the programme.

“The Protege Kita Programme has been a great experience for me and my team. The Bootcamp was really enriching, and everyone was amicable. The biggest takeaway was to launch early and get feedback from potential customers which help to iterate very quickly”.

They have shared that they have been given some great feedback from their mentor, Mr John Lim, an experienced professional. He has structured and led multiple startups and corporate innovation programmes, mentored and advised various companies leading to tangible outcomes. Their mentor has also given them a lot of great advice on the business model of their startup and how to innovate their business model based on their targeted customer segment.

Blosms believed that the one-to-one sessions have helped them shape the strategy of their company, and the Bootcamp has guided them to solidify the fundamentals of entrepreneurship. They are now ready to adapt and apply the knowledge they have gained throughout the programme, to improve their business strategies

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