BeTranced: Providing Holistic Recovery

BeTranced is an online platform which provides a holistic recovery of the mind, body, soul and spirit to elevate life to the next level and address the mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health issues of our generation.

They aim to connect consumers with qualified experts such as life coaches, fitness coaches, psychologists, counsellors, healers, psychic readers, and many more. They wish to address some of the common mental and emotional health issues such as depression, paranoia and addiction, as they believe that many people need someone to listen to their problems while exploring potential solutions for their problems.  

Consumers who are looking for solutions for problems related to the various areas of life, ranging from physical health to personal health, can seek for advice, coaching, or healing sessions from experts with various skills and knowledge on, through LIVE Video/Voice Calls or LIVE Messaging.

BeTranced is one of the Protege Kita participants who has successfully advanced to Phase 2 of the programme. 

Protege Kita has encouraged the idea of setting KPIs as it is the best guide to monitor the progress closely, towards making businesses advance to the next level. Through PK, BeTranced has also drafted proper planning of actions to be taken and taking into considerations of the potential factors that can make the business more profitable and scalable. It is crucial to know what the target audience is looking for, look for reasons why they should be choosing the brand and expand the possibilities of making more revenues.

Based on the advice given by their mentor, Mr Azhar Othman, BeTranced believes that traction is essential in every business as it helps to create a unique brand.

“I’ve gained more clarity on where my business’ direction and I’m able to make better decisions after joining Protege Kita. I was also able to gain new information which is useful to assist me in growing my business”. 

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